Friday, November 6, 2015

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Religious or naw?

Are you really a Christian if you don't go to church?


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This is a topic that people really debate about because people are really split about the topic. I am a Christian, but I know that I hardly go to church. I feel like that doesn't make me any less than a Christian than the people who are in a attendance every Sunday. We all sin and you can praise the lord anywhere!

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Hair color?


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What team are you on?


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Friday, October 23, 2015

Timed writing #2

Favorite book

My favorite book is Flowers in the Attic. The book begins with a woman, named Lorain, and her fours kids, (Christopher, Cathy, Cory, and Carrie) are in the house waiting on her husbands to come back. He never returns because he died while he on his way back to them. Their mother began to have problems trying to keep up with the bills. So she calls her mother, the children are very shocked because their parents told them they had no family left. She told them this because their father is her step-uncle and her parents weren't happy about that. So they moved into the house but had to stay in the attic because her father only let her live there if she had no children! So she kept them in the attic. She started coming to see them less and less. They had been up there for years and the two oldest children started to love each other. Once the mother poisoned Corey, they knew they had to safe themselves. So they found away out and this is a series, and it picks up with petals on the wind.